Wednesday, October 9, 2013



I am the Diva, Weekly Challenge #139
"8s Parte Dos"

"8s Parte Dos" was created by Jane Eileen. Check out her blog
See Jane Run, and see 2 more variations of her
8s Zentangle!
Thank you Jane for sharing your awesome Zentangle with us!
And thank you Laura for choosing this for your UMT vXXI!
I will tell you, it was quite a doozy!!
(I personally feel like I need to work on this one much more, and I look forward to mastering it!!)
I was sooooo impressed with EVERYBODY'S tiles and their variations!!

This month of October, is Cancer Awareness month with pink ribbons.
Please take a peak at One White Whiska. Kelly Hull also Zentangled with a pink ribbon! :0)
 The pink ribbon hit home for me this week because
 a really good friend of mine just told me that her cancer came back.
She is an 'Awesome woman', I just love her!!!
So I want to dedicate this Zentangle to her!!
The 'Love You' is to hopefully remind her and anyone else suffering from
cancer to not forget to love themselves!!!
My friend is such a beautiful person, inside and out and is loved by so many
people that I hope that she can still see what we see and
love herself!!
"Judy, this ones for You!"
Because , I DO!

Peace be yours

(*I just ask if you could please send your prayers of healing
for my friend Judy!)

PS Thank you, to everyone that takes their time to leave messages! I do appreciate you! XO

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