Monday, October 21, 2013



I am having sooooo much fun in joining all of these wonderful challenges!!!
(and to think, I've been missing out on all of this creativeness)
Anyway, thanks to my new found friend,
Zoe, at My Specialist, blog.
I have found the 

Here is my entry for the Twinchie Challenge
Think Pink

Thank you Zoe, for the inspiration to do these challenges, and for the idea to use an easel to display them! 

As soon as I heard the word pink, I knew it had to be about 'a girl'.
With having two boys first, when I was pregnant my third time, I just wanted
to have a girl, so bad!!!! I just wanted to see 'Pink' in my laundry basket, instead of just 
blue and green!!! (I got my pink! Thank you God!)  :0)
Anyway, here it is!!!

I have this problem, as I'm sure most of you do, I can't throw away any tid bits
of papers or quills that I've started. Because I might just be able to use them for something.
Right? Anyway all of the little flowers you see on here were from punch tools that I had
saved and from quilled projects that I had done.
So I didn't have to work hard on this!
I just had to draw and assemble!
So don't throw out all of those lil' tid bits and do dads,
you might just be able to use them for another project!!!


Peace be Yours

*Please come and join the fun 
and challenge yourself with an
Inchie or Twinchie!!!
"It is sooo much fun!!"

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