Friday, July 27, 2012

The 'BEST' Cold Coffee Drink ,'EVER'!

That's Right! This is the Best Cold Coffee Drink, Ever!!!

I actually picked up this recipe at a Christmas party 4 years ago, from a friend!
("Thanks, Lisa! I know I always tell you what a big hit this drink has 
become in both of my family circles. But it also has become quite
the request with my circle of friends too!!")
So what better thing to do,......? Share it with the world!

This is where it begins!!!!

This is a single recipe, but I ALWAYS make a double batch, if not a quadruple one!

1 cup boiling water
1/4 cup instant coffee
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 gallon chocolate ice cream
1/4 gallon vanilla ice cream
1/2 gallon milk
bag of ice

   First make your coffee mixture. (I always make mine the night before and put it in the refrigerator, that way it can get cold) Mix the instant coffee, sugar and boiling water. Make sure the coffee and sugar melt. Then store it in a container that will be easy to pour from and travel, if your going to mix it at a party away from home. (My container in this picture could actually hold a quadruple recipe.)
Pour your ice in first, then add your vanilla and chocolate ice creams. Scoop it in small scoops. Then add your milk and then the coffee mixture. And 'Ta-Da'! That's it!!! Enjoy!!

This is before it has been mixed!
You will have some people like it best, right after it is made, so that they get big chunks of 
 ice cream. Then you have those that like it better after the ice cream has melted a little.
Either way, it is is just delicious!
(and did I mention that it is calorie free???,....
Just kiddin')
Scoop it, Slurp it and Enjoy!!!

(side note, if you want to make it into a grown up drink, you can add
Kahlua and or Baileys Irish Cream!)


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