Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quill on Canvas

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For My Mother

I designed this project with the inspiration of my mother's collection of Polish Pottery.
These are all on canvas. I plan on adding to it over time. One canvas at a time.

These first three canvases are Polish Pottery designs. Polish Pottery has so many different designs, it was fun to do something that had such a variety and yet they all tie in somehow.                     
This one I used my cross design called 'Francesca' . My mother's faith means a lot to her so I
wanted to bring that into this collage. And of coarse I used my favorite space filler, that I call
'Serendipity'. It's just using a bunch of 'S' style quills to fill space.
I did these letters by freehand. The flowers I made are designs by  Cecelia Louie, with (she sells her
design tutorial on Etsy. I thought it was well worth the money)
She does beautiful work!

 I decided to do this word, because Family, is what my mother is all about!  She is the
best mom and does everything for her family. That is why I love her sooooooo much!
(I only hope that I can be that same kind of mother to my kids)
Thanks Mom!


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