Monday, July 16, 2012

Jello 'Knox Blox'

 "Here's to a Month of Patriotism and Birthday Celebrations"

These are my famous sugar cookies, (sorry you're gonna have to wait for my secret recipe in another post :0).....)

 My oldest son's birthday is on the 4th of July, so it's always fun
to put that patriotic spin to it. (even if it does include dinosaurs)
(until he says otherwise :0)..)
 We had two family celebrations on the 4th, and so today,
was his third one!
I did make another cake, but I also made 'knox blox' jello treats.
These are fun, refreshing, and tasty treats, for Everyone!!!

Growing up we called these 'Knox Blox", but now I think they're called 'Jigglers'. (like always, I modified the recipe)

 Knox Blox

2 cups boiling water
2 cups ice cold water
1  6oz box of favorite jello (I used blue berry and red raspberry)
3 packages of Knox (original unflavored Gelatine)

Boil two cups water and add the 3 packets of gelatine and whisk quickly as you pour it into the water so that it does not clump. Then add your box of flavored jello, and whisk. Next, add your 2 cups ice water. Once cooled, then pour into a 9x13 pan. Carefully put in the refrigerator. (make sure your pan is level.)  Wait about 4 hours or until firm. Then either cut into squares, or use your cookie cutters to create your shapes.

With these left over pieces, I just break them up and then when the kids go to eat them, they try and make out shapes with them. Kinda like finding shapes in clouds.
Before you flip your pan over onto a cutting surface. Go around the edges with a thin utensil to loosen from edges. (you can pull on it a little too, so that it kind of lifts a little from pan). As you turn your pan over, place your hand underneath, just in case you need to help it out. Just be careful and let it come out slowly, as to not let it tear.  Then 'ta-da'. ................and............
Like the commercial use to always say,
"Watch it wiggle, see it Jiggle"
And have fun!!!
It's always pretty to put them on a white plate, so your true colors of jello stand out. For Fall I use my leaf cookie cutters with all fall colors, Spring pastel colors with flowers , and so on and so forth.

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