Friday, July 20, 2012

Feeling Whimsically Paisley

Lovin' Paisleys Lately

"Paisley-a distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine-cone from India." Origin: early 19th century: named after the town Paisley, Scotland, the original place of manufacture.
For some reason lately, I have been in a Paisley mood. I guess it's like feeling 'whimsical'.
(if there is such a mood)
Anyway, I was looking up 'Paisley' on Pinterest, and after looking at all the beautiful pictures of them. it totally explained how I feel,
(which I gathered is actually a little of everything all bundled together......????)

They are fun and playful, and yet
mysterious and deep.
I'm guessing because of the colors used.
So I figured it would be fun to quill one.
With fall coming soon, I was inspired to use those colors!

My whimsical Paisley! Playfully, creating, and using different quilling techniques, paper punches, and beads.

For the little flowers, I punched them with a Family Treasures punch tool.
I used gold paper and then embossed each little flower and then 
glued ballentine in the centers.
I was also inspired, to do a Paisley, because of 
Christine Donehue's.
Hers was featured on all things paper, with Ann Martin.
It is just beautiful!!
I do hope you have times where you're feeling a
little 'whimsically Paisley too'!

 I would love to see one you created!
Just send a link to my blog in the comments section
and spread the Paisley feeling!!!


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Jenn said...

WOW! I love those. I'm a big fan of paisley. =)