Saturday, July 21, 2012


Save Those Brown Spotted Bananas!!!!
(and not for banana bread)

Yes this is an infomercial :0)
The reason for my blog is to share things that I love and
believe in! So, I just love this new machine!
Plus my freezer isn't full of over ripe bananas, waiting to be made
into banana bread, anymore!
My sister-in-law, first bought one, and made us some sorbet' when we
were over they're house. And "Oh my goodness!" I was sold!
You have to use frozen fruit, and always a banana.
The banana gives it the sweetness and makes it so creamy, as if there were
dairy in it. But, (and this is the BEST part), the only
ingredients in it, are the fruits.
It is the purest form of a HEALTHY dessert!!!
There is no fruit juice added either!
Just a banana and whatever other fruit you choose!
Tonight, we had banana and pineapple, But anything goes!
And if you want to make it a little sinful, you can add
chocolate too. But really there is no need!
Did I forget to mention, that kids LOVE it and will ask for more!!

I purchased mine at Bed Bath and Beyond, with 20% coupon I believe
it was around $39.00. So worth the investment!
So "Go Nanas, with Yonana!"


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