Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Oh, don't worry, I'm not calling anybody 
a Klutz!
I'm talkin' about Klutz Books!!! (heehee)

You can find this book at KLUTZ.com or phone them at 1800-737-4123
Twirled Paper, by Jacqueline Lee, is the name of this book.
It's all quilling!
It is a really fun book with lots of fun designs that make
kids want to give it a try!
While my 4 and 5 year old kids, have been on summer
vacation, and my 2 1/2 year old was napping, I thought I would let them try quilling.
(They always like watching me when I'm working on my projects.)
Anyway, it took A LOT of patience, on my part, at first.
Then when they got the hang of it, they did real well.
I think you'll be quite impressed when you see the
outcome of their work.
The tool they used was the little slotted metal one from Lake City Crafts.
It's a perfect size for their little hands.
Both of them in deep concentration!

My 4 year old, was a little more inspired than his brother and worked on two projects.

Lil' chameleon lizard. Camouflaging !

My 5 year old excited about his chameleon too!

Just hanging out on a branch!!!

I cut the papers for them in the correct lengths, following
directions in the book. And I did help them
glue the pieces onto the papers. They pretty much did all the
pinching and shaping of each roll. I think since they have such little fingers,
they were able to glue and pinch and twist, much easier than that of an adult.
They used toothpicks to apply the glue!
I thought they did an awesome job!!!
And all in all it was very fun for me too!

Like the book says, "It's a Twirled, Twirled, Twirled,
Twirled World!"
(say that 5 times fast,........whew!)


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