Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Share and Tell Part I: Glues

Thought I'd share and tell, some of my
techniques that I use. They might be helpful to you too.
I know you can go on any blog, about quilling, and learn so
many different techniques. Some you may use and others you
try and may not like. But that's the beauty of sharing info because you grab
what works for you! I hope that this will be helpful.

The little bottle with the metal nozzle I bought when doing my Faberge' egg art. I will get info on where to purchase them and share that with you! (the info is buried somewhere in my craft room) The Martha Stewart gel adhesive
I'm just trying. It has a sponge applicator. I'm not totally sure I like it yet.

 The Sobo glue is in the little bottle. I use that instead of using a toothpick and glob of glue when gluing coils. Just a tiny amount comes out. It's perfect!
This glob of glue is Elmers glue.

See how thin the upper part of the glue is, on the lid? It's almost transparent. That's how you want it.

Now for gluing small things, I put a glob of Elmers glue on a plastic lid, and
rotate the lid until the glob turns into a real thin, wider glob of glue. I then tap my
quilled piece into it. (because the glue is sooooo shallow, it only gets on the very
edges of the paper.) After doing that often enough, you'll know how much you need
for each project. It usually stays wet enough to finish a project. And sometimes
it works better once it's been sitting a little. It gets a little tackier.
I used this technique on all of my "Francesca crosses" with all of the open
"S" shapes. If you have all your shapes made, it just helps
gluing and placing them, go much smoother. If
you feel like you have too much glue on a quilling, tap it on a piece of
paper to remove some, before actually placing it where you want it. (until you get the hang of it)
It's amazing how far a little dab of glue will go.
And then the fun part, once the glue has dried on the lid you can
peel it right off. Get ready for your next project.

If you have any gluing ideas that you'd like to share please feel free to post them, or
connecting links.
It's your time to


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