Friday, August 10, 2012

In Memory, Aurora CO


John Larimer: 27-year-old in the U.S. Navy
Jessica Ghawi: Recently survived Toronto mall shooting, 24-years-old
Micayla Medek: 23-year old
Jon Blunk: 26-year-old killed shielding girlfriend, Jansen Young
Alex Teves: 24-year-old who recently earned master's degree
Alexander "AJ" Boik: 18-year-old recently graduated high school
Gordon Cowden: 51-year-old father of two
Rebecca Wingo: 32-year-old
Matt McQuinn: 27-year-old shot and killed while shielding his girlfriend, Samantha Yowler
Veronica Moser-Sullivan: Six-year-old whose mother Ashley Moser is in critical condition
Jesse Childress: 29-year-old taff sergeant with Buckley Air Force Base (Pic unavailable)
Little Unborn Baby to Ashley Moser

Sometimes,.....we can't understand the things of this world! (I know I can't)
And nothing, and I mean nothing, except for the Love of God, 
can we keep our hope and strength!

This post is dedicated to the families that lost a loved one,
in the incomprehensible shooting, in Aurora Colorado.
I found out about this when I turned on my computer, on MSN.
Right away I became sooooo emotionally immersed, in respects to the
families who lost a loved one. My heartfelt prayers, go out to all of you!
I, also, continue to pray for those who were fortunate to get away, but now, have that
unforgettable memory of what happened that night.
May the Love of God give you all healing and
peace in your hearts, minds and beings.

In memory, I was moved to give something, which is really, nothing,
to all of you and the city of Aurora Colorado.

Aurora Co. Municipal Center, city hall.

This is the Colorado state flower. The 'Lavender Columbine'.


Everything on this piece is a symbol in some way to the morning of 7-20-12.
The ribbon, hearts and the Colorado state flag,.............represents love and strength.
Columbine flower, in remembrance
Lavender background,.........showing my deepest sympathy
59 yellow hearts in the center,..........for those who were injured
12 tear drops (in white and black) for those whose lives were taken, and the
                                                     ..............white for the mere innocence of them being there
One large tear drop...............for the tears that are shed for the grieving families and friends
One tiny tear drop..............for the little life of unborn baby to Ashley Moser (who I, dreadfully,                                                       heard  about later)
Sometimes our inspiration comes from things like pain and saddness.
I'm saddened that's what came to be!
 May God Bless and Be With You All!
Pope Benedict XVI said, he was praying for all “as a pledge of consolation and strength” for God.

I also want to pray for the parents of the young man that took these lives. I can't imagine
their confusion and state of mind. I can't believe they ever thought they were raising their child to do something like this!( I always pray for the evil to have a change of heart, because then,.....
 evil would not exist!)

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