Sunday, August 5, 2012

Share and Tell Part:II Embossing


This is one of those parts of paper crafting that I love so much.
Embossing brings paper to life! 
Above is a picture of a placemat. It has a bit of cushion to it. It is perfect
for embossing. (another lil' tidbit), I also have a measuring tape, taped to the edge of my table.
It's so convenient when measuring, cutting, and marking quilling papers.
Or anything in use at your table!

Leaves cut from a punch tool

Embossing on a piece of placemat! Look how those leaves come to life!
Here the leaves are added to a quilled piece. 
 This is what is sooooooo fun with paper! You can do soooooooooo
many things with it. And create 'til there's no tomorrow!!!

Here's the finished project!

I am so ready for Fall!!
I feel that the colors in fall, are MY colors.
They just make me feel my best!!!
But here in Southern CA, it's not one of our truest seasons. 
Many other states can really brag about the colors they get!
But I'll take what we get!
Come on Autumn bring on your COLORS!!!


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