Friday, July 13, 2012

Special Thanks

This post is dedicated to all you wonderful
ladies out there who have inspired me 
to reunite, with my passion of 
once again!!

Some of you may already know that you have inspired me and helped
me on my journey! But some of you may not yet know that, you,
were also participants in that inspiration.
I may add people to this list, here and there! Because
I hope this is just the 'start' of my journey!

*  <3  *

My Mother
Ann Martin,     All Things Paper
    Pritesh Ananth Krishnan,   Quilling Me Softlee
Yulia Brodskaya,   Yulia Brodskaya
Cecelia Louie,  Crafting Creatures  (purchased on Etsy)
Amanda Doster,   Paper Portals
Sandy Diaz,   Sweet Spot Card Shop
The North American Quilling Guild,   NAQG 
Helen Pierce,   Pinterest , NAQG
Barbara Wheat,    Pinterest 
Sandra Bruni-Shaver 
Antonella DeFalco, Quilling, Art and Expression
Szalonaisa Stepkowska, Szalonaisa Wonderland 





Helen Pierce said...

Dear Annette, I am so honored to be on your thank you list for all the work that I've put into my inspirational site on Pinterest. I did it for you and for any others who may be searching for an idea to jump start their own work. For some unknown reason, God has blessed me with more ideas than I could do in several lifetimes. When I came to realize that, I knew that I must share some of my excess with others who enjoy quilling. You have set up an exceptional webspot with your beautiful work and fun ideas. Congratulations!! warm hugs, Helen Pierce -

Unknown said...

Helen, I'm so glad you were happy to be on my thank you list! You really have been an inspiration to me and I love your work! I think my favorite piece, is the white quilling you did on the cd. Wow, that is my favorite! I want to give that one a try! And I am sooo glad that you have been abundantly blessed!And that you share your blessings with others! May God continue to bless you! Because you are deserving!
xo's Annette :0)

Unknown said...

I just came across this post and I am so honored that you would include me as your inspiration. Looking at your work, I can truly say the same. Your quilling is AMAZING. Thank you for being so kind and mentioning me. You warmed my heart.

Happy quilling to you!

Pritesh Dagur said...

This is such a pretty one :)