Monday, December 31, 2012


 Goodbye 2012
Welcome 2013

THIS,........IS.......MY WISH,........... FOR ALL,

I would like to share with you how I did this project.

I have a sketch pad that I usually will draw and start each new project with.
It's my idea book and my inspiration.
After I draw my first sketch, then I draw out my project in the size I want.
I was lucky that I was able to see my lettering through this blue paper.
I used a light box to make it more visible, and then I lightly traced it onto 
the snowflake paper.
As you can see I use the wider paper. It is 1/4 inch.
I used my rough draft to help size and shape my paper before I glued them down.
One letter at a time and it starts coming together!

This is the way I do most of my projects. I create as I go!
I then added snowflakes to give that 2D affect.
 Photographing quilling can be fun and yet tricky.
So with this project I tried all kinds of different angles and other things.

This project was not made for anybody in mind so I really haven't done
anything with it. But I did add it to my Christmas card!
And I did think about sending it to Snowflakes for Newton, but
I actually have a new inspiration for all those
beautiful little children going back to school, to help make
their first day back, a true winter wonderland.

These next photos are just pics I took and then changed with
 my computer. It was kind of fun to see how one
picture could look so different.

I do have to say, this post was done last minute and very, very late at night
and it probably will not be one of my favorites, but I wanted to get this out
before the new year begins!

God Bless you and your families
and I will post again 
next year!!!


Love to you all!
Annette Carlo


chillin with Quillin said...

wow this is gorgeous, would love to beable to create like this !!!
Happy New Year!!!

Christine said...

Wow your work on the monograms are simply amazing. In fact it would easily rank among the best. I would love you to visit my site and follow me if you like it.

Unknown said...

Paula and Christine, Thank you soooo much for your kind compliments. As you know, it always feels good when a fellow quiller enjoys your own work!!
You two are amazing quillers! I love your blogs! Christine I was totally flattered with your comment about my monograms. I have to say, I still want to get better and do a piece like Yulia some day!!Practice, practice practice!!! Happy New Year wishes to you both! May Peace be Yours!!
Annette :0) xo

Caz said...

Any tips for helping paste your strips down into letters? I'm a newbie.. and having trouble with it :)

Unknown said...

Hello Caz, and it was so nice to hear from you! And welcome to the world of quilling!!!If you go to my section, Share and Tell, I give a little info on glues. I use the Sobo glue quite a bit! Mainly because it dries quick and it is a little thicker and not so runny. I feel I can control it better. And I use a very fine tip on my glue jar.I think many of the quilling stores carry them.I actually bend my paper and glue as I go along shaping my letters. I've seen some tutorials using pins, and, I don't know,for me personally, I don't think that you have to do that. Since your new, go on U-tube and you might want to sign up for the Quillers Guild of America. There are so many ways to get more info and tutorials now, on the web, than ever before. I'm excited for you! And I hope you enjoy it! Quilling is so therapeutic !! Take care and Peace be your!! xo :0) ps. Another tool that I just love, are my curved tweezers. I think they're ergonomically better for your hands and so convenient. I believe you can see a pic of them on the Share and Tell section as well!!Take Care xo