Thursday, December 13, 2012

'BEJEWELED' Christmas Tree

Thanks to my mother, again, for being my inspiration!!!
My mother always sees, or finds things like this
that spark her interest. And then, of course, it does the same to me.
I guess you can say we have a lot in common.
What would I do without her???!!!!!!
(Mom, I love you, and thank you for always inspiring me!!!)

Back in 1989, she found this article in this magazine 'Creative Ideas'.
Well, years later, she and I decided to finally use this idea
and make a jeweled Christmas tree of our own.

We actually, even put lights on ours too. They are battery operated.
The battery box is on the back and an extra frame was built to hold it in place.
(Thanks to my dad, he's a crafty one also. Carpenter by trade!)

I had many jewels of my own, but I did go by a few, also.
My tree is actually an heirloom. I have pieces on there that are from
both grandmothers, great aunts, aunts, mom and dad, friends
and many more. It is quite a treasure!
Many of the pieces are earrings that I used to wear,
back in the 80's. The bigger the better, was the motto then!
Anyway, many of them were real crystal and that's why they shine even brighter.
(This tree would probably cost a fortune, if it were made today!)

Buttons, earrings, pendants, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, etc., were
used to create this. Before gluing any of these jewels on. 
I clipped the backings off so that it would lie flat onto the board.
I had bought the frame, knowing I had enough jewels to
make a large tree. The backing is a suede board used for matting, sold at craft
stores. First, I laid out all of the jewels to create the shape.
 Mind you, this process probably takes the longest. 
Because placing them down in one spot, doesn't mean that it will stay there. 
They get moved around, and moved around. Up until the minute your ready to glue them! 
Then I glued one on at a time. It's really that simple!
 Between my mother and I, we have made a few!
And each one comes out completely different!
So, don't throw out all of that old jewelry that you don't or/won't ever
wear again. Look what you can do with it!
Enjoy, and 
Get Inspired!!!
Ps. Thank you to all my followers and people who read my blog and leave comments!
      You help keep me inspired!!!
      Peace be with you!!! :0) Annette xo


S.Aj said...

That's awesome!

Unknown said...

Safiya, Thank you ever so much for your generous comments! Peace be yours!! :0) Annette