Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa Claus, Embellished, Egg Ornament


This Santa Claus egg ornament I actually made in 2004. But I thought I would
share it with you, since I am bringing all of my Christmas decorations out, for the season!
My mother and I used to take an egg decorating class
from a wonderful woman, Joyce Melanson!
She, since, has moved and I miss her and the chance to
brake away from home duties and go work on beautiful eggs.
A lot of the work we did, was in the style of Faberge'! But we also did
egg carving, beaded eggs, egg necklaces, and pieces like this, called
ball relief. It's a form of layering cut pieces of paper and rolling them
a little bit with an embossing tool, and then gluing them to create a 3D affect.

This is how the original picture was before I embellished it. 
Joyce had this liquid called 'Decal It'! It was like a glue. But it allowed you to make, like, 
a transfer, with any paper picture you find. And when applied onto the egg, it was smooth.
Almost as if it were a rub on applique.
As you can see in this picture, I did star, cuts on the sides of the egg, with an electric drill.

 Usually after applying the applique with Modge Podge, then a light coat of it is applied after, just to seal it. Then the layering of different cuts of the same picture, are applied to give that 3D affect.
I also used crystals and beads. And of course for Santa's beard, I used doll hair.
I added a little bit of that crystal lacquer to his eyes, in hopes to give them a real twinkle!

I hope you enjoy this and it may inspire you!
Remember, egg decorating doesn't have to be just for Easter!!

I will probably be adding posts, on things I have made in the past. Only because I am busy quilling my snowflakes, that I do every year, as gifts, for family and friends.
Keep tuned in, because I will be giving out a FREE
snowflake pattern in upcoming posts!!

December is upon us!!
Happy Advent!


Joyce, this is a special message just for you!!
Mom and I miss you and wish you
would move back!
If you're teaching egg class out there, I hope
those women know, just how lucky and blessed they are to have you be their teacher!!Thank you for everything you taught us!!!  
Love you and God Bless You!


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