Thursday, December 20, 2012


A Gift for my Secret Pal in Bunco

I am in a Bunco group that gets together once a month! We draw names in 
December to choose our Secret Pal for the upcoming year. 
This, I made for my secret pal that I had for the year 2012.
She is a wonderful woman and so I wanted to do something special for 
her for Christmas! 
She recently become a Nana (Grandma) for the 5th time!
She, also, has a love for red roses!
Therefore my inspiration!!!

I do have to say, I had an idea of what this project was going
to include, I just didn't know what or how I was going to 
present it!
I was having a block!!!!! (Ewwww, I can't stand when that 
I wanted it to be dainty but I also wanted to use a 
little modern quilling and not too old fashioned,
Here are the stages that I progressed in.
 I fumbled around with the placement of roses and different
swirls. (It's probably a bad habit, but I like to create as I go along,
not really having it drawn out exactly before I start, ooops!)
*Anyway, another helpful thing is my camera on my phone. I may
stand up and look down on my project and see it a certain way, but
when I take a picture on my phone and then view it that way, it gives me a whole different perspective! (just a helpful hint when
your working on your projects.)
Read after *  (above) to learn a helpful hint that I find very useful as I work on my projects!

 All of the roses are made with paper!
I do apologize, but to keep this blog short, I am not including the how to's on this project. But I do promise, after the holidays, I will have a second part to this blog, and include some
'share and tell' with you! :0)     (I promise)

If you notice, I used a Sharpie marker to run along the top edge of the hearts and the word Nana. I wanted it to help give a little more dimension and color.

And, WahLa!! Here is the final outcome!

As always, depending on who I make a gift for, they always bring me 
out of my comfort zone and stretch my imagination. (And they
don't even know that they are doing that!)
But I do thank them for getting me to think outside of my own little box!!!

Again, stay tuned for a Free snowflake pattern, and some
'share and tells' about this project!
(I have been a little short of free time, as I am sure all of you are. 
With all of the Christmas things to do.)

I do hope that somewhere in your time of busyness, that
you may find that place of silence, and reflect on
the true meaning of this Holiday!
"A King is to be born"
"Give Praise and Thanks"
"Alleluia!! "


Ps. I do welcome any comments you might have on any of my projects or blogs. You help keep me 
inspired too, so for that, I THANK YOU!!! :0)  Annette xo


S.Aj said...

Its lovely and elegant :)

Antonella said...

WOW! I love it! Thanks for sharing the creation process and steps you went through.

Hugs, antonella :-)

Unknown said...

Antonella, thank you! I stumbled alot on this project! I'm happy with it, but if I had the time, I would have made some changes! May your Christmas be Merry! Peace be yours!
Annette :0)

Unknown said...

Safiya, Thanks to people like you, you keep me motivated to keep on creating! Peace be yours!
Annette :0)