Thursday, January 10, 2013


Snowflakes for Newtown

On December 22, 2012, I did a post about
Snowflakes for Newtown. Being that I had wanted to create
something for the town of Newtown anyway, I decided, a 
Winter Wonderland project would be a perfect addition to theirs.

Now, it took me a while to create it and finish it. In the meantime when I went to 
send it yesterday, I saw that they were no longer accepting anymore
snowflakes Read here. They had received so many, that they had to end their cut off date early,
even though their final day of receiving them, was to be the 12th of January.
So as happy as I was for Sandy Hook Elementary, on getting such a strong response
of people wanting to send their bits of love and support, I was also 
saddened that I didn't get my contribution completed in time.
Here it is, anyway!

Oooops, my daughter's lil face got in on this pic :0) She likes the camera!

I made 20 little 'white' snowflakes to honor and remember

Charlotte Bacon, 02-22-06
Daniel Barden, 09-25-05
Olivia Engel, 07-18-06
Josephine Gay, 12-11-05
Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 04-04-06
Dylan Hockley, 03-08-06
Madeleine F. Hsu, 07-10-06
Catherine V. Hubbard, 06-08-06
Chase Kowalski, 10-31-05
Jesse Lewis, 06-30-06
James Mattioli, 03-22-06
Grace McDonnell, 11-04-05
Emilie Parker, 05-12-06
Jack Pinto, 05-06-06
Noah Pozner, 11-20-06
Caroline Previdi, 09-07-06
Jessica Rekos, 05-10-06
Avielle Richman, 10-17-06
Benjamin Wheeler, 09-12-06
Allison Wyatt, 07-03-06

These children were so 'pure' in heart and each one of them had their own special
personality and interest. I thought each snowflake needed a 'sparkle'.
Therefor to show their own little smiles, personalities and importance, I just had to 
let them shine, with a little bling!
We now have 20 more little Angels in Heaven!

The shadow box that I used, had three layers to it. So I utilized that concept to create a layered effect.

To honor and remember these outstanding adults,

Rachel Davino, 07-17-83
Dawn Hochsprung, 06-28-65
Anne Marie Murphy, 07-25-60
Lauren Russeau, 06-?-82
Mary Sherlach, 02-11-56
Victoria Soto, 11-04-85

I made the larger snowflakes! When you read about them, they all
loved children and the jobs they had!
God, thank you, for Earthly Angels like these!
I'm sure they are in Your heavenly kingdom, as well!!

To all the families who are suffering from the loss of one of their loved ones,
I will continue to pray for you!!

 This year I have chosen to make it a year of PEACE!

I also ask that as a world and of humanity, that we pray for all of our young adults.
Those that are lost and strayed, that are committing acts of violence and outrage. 
That with God's Peace and Love, they will know that 
God will help them through any darkness, and they need not fall into the hands of the devil!
Please, this will help lead us to PEACE!



Please, if you have any comments I would love to hear them!
xo Annette :0)


chillin with Quillin said...

wow this is gorgeous, its ashame you couldnt send it, but glad you shared it with everyone!!!

Christine said...

Yours is by far the daintiest most elegant work that I have seen. And believe me I browse quilling sites all the time. I can only say I'm speechless with admiration for your creations.
Also you might want to disable the "proving you are not a robot" requirement as it may be discouraging people from commenting. You have to do it through your settings. :-)

Unknown said...

Paula, thank you! And you know what? I went ahead and sent it! I wrote a letter asking whoever receives it to give it either to the new principal of the school or to the family of Dawn Hochsprung, the former principal that passed. So I only hope that it will bring comfort and a smile to someone!! Peace, Annette :0) xo

Antonella said...

Your contribution was beautiful! I ran into the same problem, we ended up decorating my son's school with the snowflakes in honor of what happened so they didn't go to waste.

Antonella :-)

Unknown said...

Antonella, that was a great idea! My kids school didn't do anything they were still on vacation. My kids made some at home and we will use them every year to remember and pray for the surviving families. (I just told my kids the snowflakes were for kid's new school. They're too young to understand what happened. :0( )

Lea said...

That is truly beautiful, and touching how you have memorialized each victim.

Unknown said...

@ Me, Thank you for your compliment! I get so emotional watching the news so I don't, but when I go on the computer I am faced with the msn news and that is how I got immersed in the tragedy in Newton. I wanted to show my love, support, and sympathy and do what little I could to try and bring a little bit of comfort to, hopefully, someone. I hope that it can touch somebody! I prayed and cried so much of the time I worked on it! It was so nice of you to comment! :0) Annette xo