Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Weekly Challenge #175
UMT- Cruz by Henrike Bratz

   I have totally been enjoying the simplicity of true Zentangle lately. Just using the basic strokes and only black and white. It really is therapeutic, as life has been very busy and changing around my home. So it's been a God send that I learned about this art method.
   I enjoyed this tangle, Crux, even though I'm not big on grid based patterns, I enjoyed it.

Tangles used: Crux, Quandary, Knightsbridge, Tipple, & Aquafleur
   Please, drop by the Diva's blog and read about her awesome time at the CZT 15. She's the best!!!! Try joining in on the fun, and................
bring some Zen 
into this 
Tangled world!!!

Ps. Donald Wilka, thank you for your suggestion for last week's challenge! I took your advice and added some more heavy lines and black into my tangle (here) and I'm much happier with it!! Thank you so much for your suggestion! I had fun doing that too!!


Weekly Challenge

   So, no one really likes the word negative, cause it has such a negative feel about it. Well, are you a 'glass half empty', or a 'glass half full'? I did think of that one after I completed the one I did., but that's ok, I'm much happier with this idea!
   I used the negative space from a punch tool to do this weeks Inchie. (I just had to put a positive twist to it by using a happy face punch tool) :0)

So my question for you is, which one is the negative?
   Please, any of you Tanglers, or others, hop on over to EIM, and join in on the fun!! Inchies really are a lot of fun and just as addicting as Zentangle!! (Heck you could even Tangle your 52 Inchies for the year!! Wouln't that be fun?)
Have a Blessed and Happy Week!!
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