Monday, July 28, 2014



   Two Sundays ago, in church, there was a lady sitting in front of me with a blouse on that had a kind of crochet pattern running along the back. I thought, wow, that would make a great tangle! Then I started studying the rest of the material on her blouse and I saw another tangle pattern! (Really,............ I was paying attention to what I should in church.) Oh, and the other tangle I will share with you at another time. Anyways, here is 'Ooples'!

Notice the difference in the petals, once I used the burnisher pencil. It actually smoothes out colored pencil.

Final picture.

The background pattern in this tile is called 'Block'd' by Jane Eileen. Go here to see step outs.

   I hope you like this tangle and have as much fun as I did with it! I believe there are a lot of possibilities with it too. Give it a try!!!
And remember, 
Go put some Zen
in this tangled  world!!

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