Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LIFE ............IS A CIRCUS!!!

Weekly Challenge, #227
Guest Blogger

   Today, while the Diva is enjoying summertime fun with her family, Lee Darter was asked to fill in and give us our weekly challenge. ( Cause, "What on earth would we all do if we didn't have the Diva's challenge,.....................Yeeks! That's a scary thought!!!!") Diva, we love you and your challenges! They definitely make me put things in perspective at home. Monday mornings,......first look at the challenge and see what it is,..........try and get my challenge piece done,...............then,.........feed kids, clean house and then so on and so on!  :0)    It really isn't that bad. But the Diva really does help me get into my Zen, and get the week rolling!!! Thank you!!!!
   Last week's challenge was peaceful and simple, and I loved it!!! This week is a circus, and I love it!!! The Zentangle method is so versatile that way. No matter how much we fill our tiles, or long it takes to finish,....it's the process that makes it so successful in getting our minds to relax!! I love it!!!
   The three tangles I decided to go with were 'Cack', 'Tropicana', and 'LinQ'. Two of which , I had never done before!
   So much fun!! Thank you Lee, for this week's challenge, 'What a Circus!'. Please do check out Lee's blog, 'The Art Room'. She is an amazing artist, and the reason for her choosing a challenge like this is all explained in her post. It's so wonderful that such experienced artists share their talents and passion with the rest of this tangling family! 
    Have a great week everyone. Oh, and next week there are going to be changes with my posting. I am finally going to be launching my new blog!!!!!! I will keep this one. But when I started blogging, I had not yet found Zentangle. And then when I did,.....it kind of took over the theme of quilling. And the rest is history. But now that I am a CZT, I want to represent the Zentangle method, in the way it deserves. So keep an eye out for next week!!! 
So much fun!!! Thanks, Lee!  (click on images to enlarge)
   I thought it so funny, that the theme was circus this week, and I just so happened to be playing with my nephew's Prisma Markers, and chose to draw and color this lil' fella!
My first use of Prisma Markers. It'll take some getting used to!
   Hope the rest of your summer has a cool 'Splash' to it!!! Signing off as 'Call it what you quill',
and will revisit in my new transformed Zen blogger.  :0)

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Ulrike B. said...

This ist a very nice tile, i can feel the Circus

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Great circus and really cute elephant.

Lee Darter said...

I love the towers that you created with Tropicana and I love the elephant!
Lee Darter

Cari Sultanik said...

Such a fun tile! I love how you captured the whimsy of the circus!

MySpecialist said...

You are such a gorgeous and talented artist!! Good wishes on your new beginning with the Zen blog. We love you!

Lianne said...

This makes me want to walk through the tropicana & enjoy the moment of everything that happens next.

jeanchaneyaz said...

I so agree about Mondays. It is so nice to have this challenge to look forward to as a start to a week. I do love you circus and I didn't realize what a talented artist you are. That is some elephant! Can't wait to see your new blog!

Simone Menzel said...

This tile is just fantastic - what a good idea!

Ilse said...

Love your Diva tile - and I'm curious for your new blog!

Anne's tangle blog said...

I like your tile, but I like the 'little fellow' more!!!

lilystangles said...

Beautiful tile and the elephant is lovely. :)

Unknown said...

It is such a pleasure to see my pattern used. Thank you for this gift at this time in my life. You are a Rock Star!