Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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Weekly Challenge #169
String Theory: Circles

   I thought of bubbles when I read that we were to use circles for our string this week! And what goes best with summer fun? Bubbles!!! Anyway, I kinda did this one quick because I have lots of kid's-end-of-the-school-year-stuff to do!!!! Whew!I'm already wiped out!!
I did this on light blue card stock. Just added a bit of shading and white charcoal pencil.

I then added some colored pencil marker to this one to add that special rainbow look that bubbles magical have.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a special thanks to all who stop by and leave me a message! 
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Weekly Challenge

   Ok, when I saw what the word was for this week, I kinda cringed, thinking how creepy it is. Then I thought, ,.............I could draw something like 'killer' shoes, or 'killer' jewelry, (which in this new world), 'killer' means 'totally awesome'!!!!! Anyways, then I went back to the creepy sense of the word. I guess because that's what first came into my mind. I did think of an Orca, killer whale, but figured someone else might use that one. 
   Which leads me to this. So how many of you remember the movie back in 1980, (I'm dating myself), Friday the 13th? I never saw the whole thing. Way toooooooo scary for me!!! Well, so many of those movies popped into my head, that would fit this week's word. But something about that hockey mask, gets me every time. So here ya' go! Friday the 13th, with the 'killer' Jason Voorhees! (Had to look up all of the info on it.)

I'm sorry if I'm creeping anybody out! If you remember this movie, it just gives me the eebie jeebies, when I see hockey masks. Can anybody remember the name of the lake where Jason was known as this horrific killer?

I added this second pic, in hopes to show that the mask is lifted up off the page! I used my button hole punch for his eyes and punched it a couple times to get the right size. His head is an egg punch, that I cut a little off the chin. The rest I drew on a black inchie and used white pencil and silver.
   I was so busy with Memorial Day festivities, that I am sooooo behind with everything! Better late than never, right? Now I have to find time to do my tangle for the week and take a peak at all the other entries at EIM!! 

Have a 'Killer' rest of your week!!!!

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