Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Weekly Challenge #167

   Now, I have never used Punzel, so as soon as I saw the challenge for this week, I cringed!!! Yeeeks!    But as I started out it wasn't so bad. Then adding color and shading I quite liked it and figured it out! And I love 'Well', I just forget to use it in any of my tiles! So thanks Laura, as always, for breaking us out of our comforts!!
   Once I got into coloring Punzel, I forgot that I had wanted to do it in gray, for Brain Cancer Awareness Month is May! My string was a ribbon and then some added lines. 
   I am so proud of myself, because my last 4 challenges, I have really just let the Zentangle method take over and not let myself try and foresee the outcome of my tile. And it is amazing how the end results feel that much more gratifying. Rick and Maria, founders of Zentangle, had a fantastic post on their blog about Imperfections in Art! ( I tend to be one of those that tries to perfect everything I do) I so agree with what they had to say, so I'm gonna try even harder to reflect on that before I start any art work! Thank you Rick and Maria for reminding us of that!
Click on images to enlarge. As you can see I over drew my lines on Punzel,.....but it was my first go at this tangle so I need to learn and keep practicing!!
   I can't wait to see what all the other Tanglers will have come up with for this challenge!!
For all of you visiting, have a wonderful week!!! 

Weekly Challenge

   Well, with temperatures rising to 100 degrees, and then some, this week, I have been doing a lot more hand watering for all my plants. So when I saw the word 'jet' for this weeks word, it made me think of the nozzle on the hose that I use to water. There are so many different sprays to choose from, but I dare use 'jet' on my flowers!!! The would get torn to pieces. 'Shower' is usually the one I use. Then there is 'mist' or even 'flood'. I think a couple more too. 
   I really enjoy 3D work, so I'm going to try to do more of that with my challenges, if it permits. I love drawing too, but I need to have some variety.

The hose is made of a rubber band, and the water nozzle is a tulip punch tool. The water is a sparkly thread that I have. I used water color pencils, given to me by a dear friend of mine (Love you Jenn!!), for the background.

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