Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Weekly Challenge #201
Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

   Laura, from the Diva's Weekly Challenge, has asked us to support Moebius Syndrome. Her youngest son has this syndrome and she wants to bring awareness to it. So January 24, is Awareness Day. So wear your purple and read more about his syndrome on the Diva's blog. In honor of Artoo and the other 1-2, OUT of a million children that have this syndrome, we just want to say, ... "We love you and we care!!!!!"
I designed little kids holding hands, using the Moebius Syndrome Logo, and then tangled each logo.
   We do love you Artoo and Laura and family! Artoo is making progress leaps and bounds! Thank you Laura for sharing your brave story and for making us aware. Continued blessings along your journey! (((hugs)))
Go put some
into this

Weekly Challenge

   As much as I like giraffes, which was last week's word, I just love elephants too!!! So many ideas, and yet since I am going to try to do all of my Inchies in the style of Zentangle this year, I decided to go with this.
Kinda in the style of the Indian painted elephants. Tangles used, 'Aquafleur','Steps', 'Cruffle' and a few others.
Remember, click to enlarge
   Please, if you have any interest in doing Zentangle, then join in on the fun with the Diva's Weekly Challenge, or if you're into tiny art, then challenge yourself with joining the Every Inchie Monday Challenge! Everyone is super friendly and a good time is had by all!!! Hope to see you on the Challenge!!!

"One Little Word"
   Last year on the Diva's Challenge, she asked us to think of 'one little word' to bring into the new year, '2014'! I just loved the challenge and the idea of that. I was hoping she would do that again this year, but she had a milestone post to celebrate instead. (She did post her one little word for this year though, and I think it's a great one for her! Laura's word is 'BadAss'!) And by the way, "Congratualtions Laura for getting to your 200 entries on your blog last week. You are a BadAss!! (heehee) (I entered twice, just to try and help out :0) ) So, since she inspired me last year with that challenge, I felt I really wanted/needed to use this word for '2015'. 

   I have and am going to have so much change going on in my life this year and I need to figure out how I am going to deal with it. Some is Great, and some is well, not so great! But that is why I want to use it, because for the not so great change, I need to figure out how I can embrace it and if not what I can do to change the way I deal with it! Whew,.........without getting to heavy and deep, I created this Zia, to show that there is a word inside of 'Change' that might help me to deal with the change that is difficult for me. "CAN" I can change the situation, and or the way I feel about it. (If you notice, the upper left is darker and heavier colored tangles, and the lower right I did a little more light and airy!! A little subliminal of yin/yang, to find balance and harmony. And the word is breaking through the paper, as if pushing itself on me!(lately that is how some of the change going on in my life feels.)) Anyway, I encourage you to think of 'one little word' to either inspire or motivate you , for the new year! 
   Here's just a few of the changes I'm not looking forward to.

All of this beautiful view from where I live is going to be obstructed. I grew up here and the roads used to be small dirt roads, all farm land. Now with development and progress, it is all 'Changing'!!!
I grew up in-house on the N/W corner. My parents still live in that house. I bought the house across the street from them on the N/E corner. And my Sister (my best friend) lived on the S/W corner. (We are a very close, tight nit family.)
Anyway, her house has already been torn down and a big huge warehouse is in place of it (just in the amount of 6 months)! The picture up above and to the right is my view out my window. It is the 4th corner. In 6 more months there will be another warehouse there.(Again obstructing my beautiful view of our hills!) My corner is being negotiated right now. So in a year or two, My lil' family will be moving. They haven't tried bargaining with my parents corner yet. Which bothers me, because they are getting up in age and I really don't like to see them have to move, and yet I would want them to live close to one of us children because they are getting older. So long story short, this is the change I'm not to crazy about.
Empty corner across from me , but across the street is the new building.
My sister's house after she moved out, right before they tore it down. Of course when she owned it, it was all green an lush. Big huge pine tree, close to a century old, just knocked down.

View of the warehouse on the corner where my sister's house was.
   The positive change, that I am totally looking forward to is 'I AM GOING TO BE A CZT THIS YEAR!!!" (Sorry, I am just so excited, I just have to shout that one out!!!) I will be attending CZT #20!! So if any of you are going, please send me a message!!! With this change, I see so many new possibilities for me.
You see though, I need to look at what I call negative change and turn it into positive!
My Montra is 'Change'
(Can Change)
My Prayer is 
Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept
 the things I cannot change:
courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference! Reinhold Niebuhr

   I am sorry this was such a long post, and yet for those of you that actually stuck by and read it, thank you!! I mostly am pretty private on my blog but I am making change!!! 
Thank you for stopping by and listening!!! To all that leave a little sunshine on my blog, Thanks a million, and many ((((((hugs)))))!!! Have a blessed day and a cheerful heart!!! 


MySpecialist said...

You gorgeous, gorgeous person! Everything you touch turns to gold. But that zenelephant did me in. He (or she?) is absolutely beautiful!! And your linework in the 'change' journal page is just luscious.
Oh look, if the worst happens and the corporates "ask" you to move, I really, really wish you to get the maximum payout from them - they can afford it.
I am glad you pop up every week :) Hugs, z

freebird7100 said...

You are a sweet lady, I am glad that you have a word for the year. Last year I heard a lady say that her word for the year was Journey. I really ruminated on that word all year, so much so that I feel that it is my word for this year. After the last 3 years I have had, I feel this year will be my journey year. I always love reading your blog and adore all the designs you make. The elephant is beautiful and I love the ChANge. I also pray that you get abundantly blessed by this company for taking your saftey and forcing it to move. Have a blessed week my friend.

sally said...

Love the little moebius people & your elephant reminded me of Ganesh :-). Sorry to read about the neighbourhood getting wrecked, we went for a walk yesterday and a grade2 listed building (ex hotel & hospital ) is just rotting away - I swear they are trying to let it rot enough so that developers can fully demolish rather than have to use the old listed part! Makes me so mad!


Annette P.-L. said...

A wonderful post! I do love your challenge tile with the little Moebius people! So lovely idea!

chrissie said...

Beautiful photographs and an amazing inchie

Love Chrissie

Unknown said...

I love all your tiles. My heart goes out to you and your family for all this changes you don't have any influence on. I hope if you and your loved ones haveto move you will all have a new home in a place where you can look over hills again and will feel at home again. My best wishes for you and your family. Oh, and how great ist that - to become a czt!

Quinn said...

Wow! Great post, great tile and great word! You definitely CAN!

Kia said...

Great post. I love the tangled elephant and your moebius tile is so happy. I'm looking at unwanted change myself this year, as I must get out of the house I have lived in my entire life because I can no longer care for it. It's also way too big. I find I can't make myself look at new places to live. I've been putting it off for too long and I really hope I can do it this summer. You motivate me.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Thank you for sharing a small part of your family story. I do feel for you all.
Your tile is great and the elephant fantastic!

bmlilith60 said...

Thank you for opening up and sharing. Sometimes it is hard and that is something I don't do well, so I know it took courage for you to share. Change can hurt sometimes, but God will not put on you more than you can bear. Good luck in CZT training, I know you will do well and make a great CZT. Your tiles are great. Love that you are incorporating tangles into your inchies. Love your ChANge sign.

jeanchaneyaz said...

It's good to share with your friends. We don't have to do this life on our own and we all care about you. Such a shame to see beautiful homes and areas being eaten up by the big guys, but you CAN find good in everything, as my friend Pollyanna did. I love that composition you did for the moebius, and that elephant is just a love. Your positive attitude is your best friend :) Hugs!

Trillian As said...

Love your inchie and tangles.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Those whimsical Moebius creatures are adorable!!! Your post is so hopeful and encouraging too. Change is difficult ...some of us have a harder time with it, but your positive attitude and spiritual side seems to be getting you through. You'll have to email me sometime to connect since we seem to be in the same part of the country it would be fun to get several people together here.

WendyK said...

Fabulous elephant, and tangles.
So sorry to see your home area being eaten up by industry. Everyone is so greedy for money now, and it is spoiling everywhere. All I can say is"embrace change".

Tangles and More said...

Like your Moebius logo family. Have to admit, I did not read every word on your post, but got the general idea. Change always has its issues,even when it is something we initiate and we see as positive. Good luck and keep as positive outlook as you can while still allowing yourself to grieve the things you need to.