Monday, January 26, 2015


Weekly Challenge #202
DuoTangle: Chebucto vs. Copada

   I enjoyed playing with these two tangles, by Margaret Bremner at the blog The Enthusiastic Artist. Go visit her blog, as it is just amazing to see all of her beautiful work!! WOW!! Great blog, Margaret, and thanks for sharing your tangles with us!!! 
   Laura, awesome Duo!!! I really had fun with it! Hope the little Harms family is up and running and feeling better soon!! :0)
   I had mentioned at the very beginning of January, that I will be using my Diva, weekly challenges as Zentangle Acts of Kindness (or RAZ), and leave them all over! So a good friend from the internet (not mentioning any names, Jean Chaney), cough cough, left me a sweet little ray of sunshine with this message. "Your positive attitude, is your best friend!" Well, I liked it so much, that I had to use that for my inspiration for this challenge!
Oops, you can see, I flubbed up Chebucto on the inside ring of the sun. 
I really did like this Zia just as is, but felt like it needed a lift of color to bring life to this awesome quote!
Colored with Prisma pencils. Shading done with slate, Recollections marker.
   It just made me even happier to see her words put on paper! Thanks Jean! ;0)
To all of you special people that left me messages last week, WOW, you gave me so many warm fuzzies that I was ready to burst!! Thank you ever so much! As I mentioned to some of you, blogging is a place where one can vent and air out some frustration! Well, I did just that, last week. So thank you for listening to me vent!! I really was doing just that!!! (((((((HUGS))))))) to you all!

Go put 
into this 

Weekly Challenge

   The best description that I could come up with and do in the Zentangle method, was this.
Tangles used: Twisted Rope, Hypnotic and Knot Rickz
   After I do my Inchie of the week, I ask my kiddos, if they can guess what the word is for the week. They could not figure this one out because they have no idea what an old phone receiver looks like! (Wow, am I feeling older!!! Eeekks)
   As much as I love doing embellished Inchies, I do have to say, these Zentangle Inchies are really a lot of fun!! (and are better with time managing. But ssshhhh, don't tell anyone)!
See ya' later, as we Inchie our way into next week!!


freebird7100 said...

I love the zia. it is so beautiful! Just like you!! Thanks to Jean for giving you the words! Your inchie is a blast from the past for sure.

MySpecialist said...

Really love your inchies this year (not that I didn't last year)! That will be one beautiful collection! Yes, beautiful, beautiful ZIA. After hearing your goings on last week, I am thinking of an Australian film - if you get the chance, see it. It's called The Castle (as in "my home is my castle"), made in 1997 and filmed right here in Melbourne where I live.
Isn't it gorgeous how we have a little long distance network going on here - Jean, you, me, the others.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, Annette, this sun makes you warm, just looking at it!
Like the inchie as well.

David Hunter said...

What a wonderful, upbeat, beautiful Tile, Annette. Love the exceedingly cute face of the Sun element. Your inchie is awesome. Beautiful job on the handset and the coiled cord. Love your Post. Terrific Tiles.

jeanchaneyaz said...

Wow, Annette, you make me feel like a celebrity! Just stating the facts maam :)No "oopses" in Zentangle so no need to ever point them out. No one but you notices anyway. I love the sunny and positive happiness of this piece and your affirmation that "I am in control!"

sally said...

Love the colours in the first and the fact that your kiddos didn't know what an old fashioned phone looks like comes as no great surprise :-)
Hard to believe we are about to inch our way into the second month of 2015 with our next share!!!


Suzanne Fluhr said...

It has been so gray in these parts (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) that I would love to find your RAZ in the gloom somewhere. Thanks for sharing it here. It actually made me smile which I'm not prone to doing when it's just me and the dog (and the dog is fast asleep!).

Didisch said...

Oh, the sun is bursting out of my screen, it warms my heart, and makes me smile. A great Zia, with beautiful colors. Love your work Annette.

Quinn said...

What a beautiful way to bring sunshine to our day! Nice interpretation and inspiration!

Kia said...

lovely artwork with such a positive message. your inchie is great - I do agree kids these days (not meaning your kiddos) seem to have little interest in the past

Trillian As said...

Beautiful tangled inchie.

Unknown said...

Your Zia is gorgeous. The colours are wonderful. I wish you could all your sorrows blast away with the sunrays of your tile.

Annette P.-L. said...

Oh, wow! So beautiful and heart-warming sun! Absolutely gorgeous ZIA!

Chrissie said...

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.... I'm clapping! What a great happy tile, thank you so much for sharing it with us all.

SuzyMosh said...

Your sun drawing with jean's saying is wonderful! I also like your inchie--mine was an old fashioned phone.

Unknown said...

Great Zia! The colors really sing! Fun inchie too!

WendyK said...

Fabulous tangled inchie, love it.

Tangles and More said...

Nice work with the color on your ZIA. You were more successful than I was on doing Chebucto in a circle. I gave up after a couple of failed attempts in my journal.

bmlilith60 said...

Great tile both in black and whited and colored in. Love the quote, Jean is a ray of sunshine all by herself. Your inchie handset puts mine to shame, great work.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Whoa! LOVE the sun and sentiment! when you give that away someone is going to be so lucky AND inspired! Yep...not surprised the kids didn't recognize the phone receiver. LOL!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful, fun Sun. It just seems to radiate happiness and warmth.