Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I Am the Diva, CZT
Weekly Challenge #197
New Official Tangle 'Arukas'

   It's so good to have Laura back!! "Laura it is soooooo wonderful to hear that Artoo's surgery is very hopeful! That lil' guy is the cutest and what a brave lil' soul he is too!!! Welcome home!!"
   Laura comes back and gives us a really fun and beautiful new tangle, straight from Zentangle themselves!!! 'Arukas, is, Sakura, backwards!!! (very clever!!) Well, if you are not familiar with Sakura, it is the #1 brand of pen used for Zentangle!!Actually it is the Micron, Sakura that is used most. What an awesome product it is too. Or should I say, all of their products!!
   So in tribute to Sakura, I have used their Gelly Roll Stardust to enhance the effect I wanted for this Zia! It is so much fun to work with!

Just look at how that Stardust shines on the paper!! Too much fun!!

Tangles used: 'Sakura', 'Wud', 'Mooka', 'Doolee Do' and 'SitZen' (If you notice, the angle of this picture, didn't show the sparkle that much.)
   Being that it is the second week of Advent, only two candles are lit. Next week will be the rose colored one!! I just love Advent!!
   I've been trying to bring the cheer and joy of giving into our home and teach my children what Christmas really is about. So every night when we sit down to dinner we light our candles, say Grace, and then each of us share what we did in the day to make someone smile!! It really does put a thought in the kids head, like wow, it actually is something to work at to go out of their way to do something for someone!! And then you have my youngest (4 years old), that says, "Mom, if I just smile at someone, then they smile!!" So really, it doesn't take take too much to make someone smile! 
   Anyway,  my Share Humanity, "One little word,'" is coming to an end with 2014. And I believe, that those little 'smiles' are still one of the best ways to Share Humanity!!
   So, with that said, I challenge all of you to go spread a Smile, and Share Humanity!

Go put some
into this

Share Humanity 


MySpecialist said...

Oh Annette! That drawing! So beautiful, so, so wow! You are so gorgeous!

P.S. I see the word verification bug visited you as well :(

Ilse said...

That stardust gives your tile a great feeling. It looks so bright and shiny :-)

Unknown said...

love the effect of the stardust effect, and it is a lovely Zia!

Nata said...

A beautiful card anyone would love to receive. Well done!

jeanchaneyaz said...

So very beautiful, Annette, and I love the story about your children. Tell your littlest that he made me smile :) Hugs to all of you!

Kia said...

lovely tangle with the beautiful candles - great work.

Kia said...

love the effect with the gorgeous candles

lilystangles said...

Beautiful ZIA :)

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Love your arukas in your Christmas creation! Wonderful time of year to tell stories of family! Enjoy!

Annette P.-L. said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Beautifully drawn and Stardust gives fantastic effects.

cstocks said...

The glitter is a beautiful addition to this advent card. fabulous! Have a brilliant (and smiley) day! c

Tangles and More said...

Love the advent ZIA. The stardust pens are fun to work with. They do give a nice shine/glimmer to things. Great lesson that you are teaching your kids. Have great Christmas.

SuzyMosh said...

I love the candles