Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Weekly Challenge #196
'All Dolled Up'

   This week Emily Classon, is filling in at the Diva's Weekly Challenge. (Still, ongoing prayers and love are going out to Laura and her family. We're all missing you!!!)
   When I saw what the challenge was to be for this week, I had to smile! And right away I started in a frenzy, thinking, who is it that does those cute lil' Zirlies? So I searched and finally I remembered, that it is Jacque at Tangle Bright! Every time I have seen these cute lil' gals on her blog, I always think, I'm gonna give one of those a try! Well, now is my chance!
Thanks Jacque for introducing 'Zirlies' to the Zentangle world! I think I want to do more!!! And thank you Emily for this fun, playful challenge!
My 'Zirlie' all dolled up!!

   For the season of Advent, I will be adding touches of purple or rose to my Tangling, in hopes to bring the spirit of the True Christmas, to my blog!! Please take a peak at Barbara Geer's blog Untangled Prayers, she is doing a beautiful tribute for the Advent Season! Thanks for the Christmas cheer and inspiration Barbara!!

   May the you be touched by the True Spirit of Christmas also, this Christmas Season!!!
Thank you for all the touches of Love that all of you wonderful people leave on my blog!!
((((((Hugs))))) to you!!
Go put
Into this

Weekly Challenge

Xe  (Xenon) is a noble gas 
      I was going to do a light house because they can use Xenon for it's colorless gas to create a high intensity light for their lamps. But I found this on Pinterest, on three pillows. I thought it was the cutest thing. Can you figure out the other two elements are?
   Oh and I missed last weeks challenge so here is 

   I, right away, thought of the skeletal system and the 2nd vertebra axis. Now I don't know if this really counts as X-axis but otherwise I was going to have to do a graph of some kind, but I don't really do well with those. Anyway,......... Have an awesome week! We, Californians, are actually having a bout of rain right now!!!!!! YeeeHa!! We need it!! 
   Thanks for your friendly comments!! 
Have a terrifically, wonderful week!!!
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MySpecialist said...

That's it, you are the most gorgeous person out there! Love your buxom doll with a big heart ;) The sexy inchie put tears in my eyes with its cuteness and x-axis - mindblowing drawing! I love anatomy.
P.S. Selenium & Yttrium have just officially become sexy.

bmlilith60 said...

Love your paper doll, will have to go learn about Zirly's. Love the inchies.

freebird7100 said...

I love your work this week. The Zirly is adorable! Years ago online there started to be those girlz everywhere, and there were tons of online places where you could make your own. Me and my family used to design our own as well. So this reminds me of those awesome days. Also I adore the sexy inchie! What an awesome job. And the detail in last weeks inchie, gurl you rock!!!

chrissie said...

Terrific zentagled girlie and wonderful inchies. Always love to see you makes

Chrissie x

Chrissie Frampton said...

Love your girl with a giant heart. Noticed from Tanglepatterns that you will be at CZT 20, see you there as I am also registered and coming from the UK.

Ilse said...

That's a lovely doll with a great heart!

Didisch said...

Lovely what you did this week. Your doll is so cute, I love love the purple flower in her hair. It shows a lot of embracement to me, I feel warmed looking at her!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

I am going to have to see the zirlys....thanks for the link and info. Expanding my horizons today in many ways. Thank you for such and interesting post.

David Hunter said...

Oh, Annette. Your challenge tile is so rich in feeling, innocence, caring, giving and love. It does give one a warm glow and hope for the future. This is a rare piece. Thanks for creating it.

Kia said...

love your doll! - so creative and your inchies are fabulous - didn't know xenon was sexy! and your x axis is so creative

Anne's tangle blog said...

I think David said it all! Thanks for this loving post.

lilystangles said...

Your Diva's challenge tile is fantastic and the others are lovely too :)

Unknown said...

Your doll is so sweet and is really shining :-) I love your tile so much and it makes me having a big smile on the face :-)

jeanchaneyaz said...

I just love your cute and happy little doll. Sexy, huh! That got a smile on my face LOL! Inchies are great too. We got your leftover rain today and it's just lovely. We seldom get rain in the Phoenix area.

LezliB said...

Cute doll! Mom used to sing a song to us with just those words. Such a happy little dolly. Great work!

Unknown said...

To each and everyone of you that left me smiling this week from your friendly messages, Thank You!!! You made my day, ...........you made my week!! I have been having a tough one, so, really,....THANK YOU!! (((((hugs))))) :0)

MomZenArtist said...

I love your Zirlie! I've never heard that term. hehe. She is so fun and creative. I'm glad that you were inspired to create something so lovely. Thank you for playing with my challenge this week. :-)