Friday, November 7, 2014


Weekly Challenge #192
UMT- Seton by Cris Letourneau

Tangles: 'Seton', 'Maryhill' and 'Gnarly'
Great background tangle! Thanks for sharing, Cris! :0)

Weekly Challenge

I tried to create Wisteria with quilling. (Was a quickie)

Have a blessed and joyful weekend!! And a many thanks to all you 'Specials' who leave me comments! I promise, when I get back to having a little time, I will visit your blogs and return some sunshine!!!! (((((Hugs)))) in the meantime!!

Ps. Prayer request: My 77 yr old Father just had a knee replacement, please send up a little prayer that he recovers and comes back to full health and can be as active as he was prior to this surgery. 
;0) (wink) thank you!!!

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MySpecialist said...

That inchie is adorable! Love your drawing. Best wishes to your dad. I know how it is, my father is 77 as well.

cstocks said...

Dear Annette, firstly a prayer for healing and a return to great health for your dad. Mine just turned 80 and has 'issues' of all sorts. I am intrigued by your wisteria, a vine I find to be very mysterious. I like how you added Gnarly to this week's challenge; a very different tangle to offset all that geometry. Have a brilliant day! c

sally said...

What wonderful quilled wisteria! Always wanted one but so unsure about pruning that I've never dared to get one.


Kia said...

the quilled wisteria is fabulous - so pretty. Your use of seton is excellent - it makes a very nice background and I love gnarly in front of it.

Tangles and More said...

Nice job on Seton. Understand about your Dad. My 86 yr old Mom just had hip replacement surgery. She is still in rehab but doing well. Hope rehab goes well for your Dad.

Anne's tangle blog said...

My thoughts will go to you father and you. You are so blessed to still have him; mine died when I was only 21. So, enjoy the given time with him.
Your Seton as background is lovely, Annette.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

wonderful the wisteria quilling, that would be hard to decide how to do...beautiful! My prayers/energy go out to you and your dad, not easy, blessings!

David Hunter said...

Hope and prayers for to your Father for a rapid and successful recovery.

Wonderful Challenge Tile, Annette. Your fill patterns give Seton a rich look. I particularly love your Gnarly pattern. Well done.

Omer said...

Prayer sent. I wish your dad full recovery.

Beautiful Seton, and I love the center piece you added.

jeanchaneyaz said...

Your Seton is very nicely done and I agree that it should be used as a background. And, of course, I LOVE the quilling.
Hoping your dad recovers quickly and gets back to dancing, water skiing, or whatever he likes quickly :)

freebird7100 said...

I adore both of your posts, love the violets for sure, and I have said a prayer for your father, have a great week.