Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Weekly Challenge #194
'Embracing the Yuk'

   I just want to say, WOW! Elisa, I loved this challenge!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Using my left hand to do Zentangle, was very rewarding!!!
   If you would like to read up on Embracing the Yuk, Elisa Murphy CZT has filled in for the Diva's weekly challenge. Her quest for this challenge, was to make us feel uncomfortable. (That's the 'yuk' part.) Actually, she just wanted us to feel the empathy of what Laura, the Diva, is going through while her son Artoo had surgery. A bit of uncomfortableness and no control. 
   I remember doing this as a kid. My sis, and girlfriends and I would play school and we would sometimes say that we had to use our left hands for writing. We always giggled at the outcome of our writings. Being that I do massage therapy, I have strength in my left hand but I do have to say, not as much fine skill control.    
   Crazy as it was, as I was doing my tile, I did feel uncomfortable, because I found I had my shoulders clear up to my ears and I was gripping that pencil so tight, that I was not in my ZEN!!! Until, that awareness settled in and I said, Relax, let go and enjoy!!!!! Once I did that, I so, enjoyed this challenge. 
  As I was embracing the moment, I had to also reflect on last week's challenge #193 that Holly Atwater CZT put out. About giving thanks. Ragged Ray's blog really put the whole part of, reflection of thanks, into a beautiful meaningful post. So again, this week, I felt, that, connection of gifts and thankfulness. Using my left hand made me feel helpless, but then I had to stop and think how appreciative I am that I have a left hand. Sometimes, I think we go through life focusing on what we don't have and the negatives, that we forget what we do have and the blessings that are given to us in each and every breath we take, or meal we eat. Anyways, Thank you Holly, Ragged Ray, and Elisa, for reminding me to focus on the good and to be thankful.
If you notice all of the squiggly, un perfect, lines?
   Tangles used:

   I do have to say, a real challenge is to do stippling with your non dominant had.. CRAzy!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all who leave such heartwarming messages!!! They are felt!
Have a blessed and joyful week!!!

Weekly Challenge

   My first thought for this challenge was to draw a naked women's body.!!! Yikes,.....I know!! (But, I do know quite a few women that use that as a weapon on men, or to get what they want.) Anyway, I thought that would not be very appropriate for my Family friendly blog. hahaha.
   So then you can say, I went to the other extreme!!! I thought of 'Weapons against evil'. Crazy, but that is how my brain works! So here it is
Cross; symbol of Jesus, Love: turn the other cheek, Garlic; ward off dracula and a wooden stake to pierce his heart, and a silver bullet: to kill a werewolf.
   I have all of those in my life, except the silver bullet and the wooden stake. But I 'believe', I'll be ok!!

Hope y'all have an awesome week and thanks for all the friendliness you leave me!
((((((hugs))))) to all!!

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freebird7100 said...

You draw awesomely with your left hand. I think this is the 3rd design I have seen from this challenge and I hate to say this, but you all draw better than I do with my dominate hand. :( lol But I do love your weapon. what an awesome idea. I also love how your brain works. Creative people have the coolest brains lol

MySpecialist said...

Love your thoughtful inchie! Great detail. A very pretty left-handed tile :)

Megan Hitchens said...

Very cool off-hand tile

jeanchaneyaz said...

Amazing post,Annette! You moved through so many thoughts that my brain was swirling HAHA! You were right about everything though. Your Inchie cracked me up. As Freebird said, creative (or crazy, perhaps LOL)!

Anne's tangle blog said...

A great post Annette, thanks for sharing your tile and especially your words. You are so right, we have to count our blessings more and be thankful for all we can and got.

David Hunter said...

Wonderful Challenge Tile. Your design and patterns work so well together. Your off-hand technique is delightfully co-operative. So well done. Love your Inchie. Your work is too cool for school.

Unknown said...

Your tile turned out lovely, and you really stretched on some of the tangle choices! Fun inchie too.

Deb Kopeschny said...

I love your tile and tile - a gift indeed. It reminds me of a beach!

sally said...

I love the way your minds works!


bmlilith60 said...

Love your challenge response. Your inchie is very imaginative, especially the explanation.

Kia said...

great idea for your inchie - love the silver bullet and garlic!

your reflection on alternate hand-ness is interesting - I like your tile - I think squiggley lines - not that I noticed them really, add to art, making it more human, in a sense.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Wow...lots of ideas here on the challenges! Some people are so good at expressing their thoughts as well as rendering their work...I enjoyed the reading. I think most of us finally came to the conclusion while working on this project that it was really not about the finished product, but the process. At some point you just say...what the hay ....this is definitely a type of freedom. YAY for us in spite of the squigglies. AND totally agree with your weapon choice....love is the best answer.

lilystangles said...

Beautiful tiles :)