Saturday, November 15, 2014


My New Tangle

   It is funny how we get our inspiration! Especially in the Zentangle world. There are tangles out there in nature, on clothing, wrought iron, jewelry, ..........You name it!!! They are out there just waiting to be deconstructed and put into simple, easy step outs for all of us to have fun with.
   Take for instance this chair,........

The upper part on the back of this folding chair is what inspired me.
   So here I was sitting in, on a meeting for my daughter's preschool class. The information from this meeting was a waste of time. (Well, I guess not entirely, because I had gotten distracted and noticed this beautiful pattern on the back of the chair in front of me.) WOW!!!
   There was a lady just 'sit'zen there on my inspiration, so I couldn't really take of pic of the back of that chair. So on my way out, after I had figured out how to deconstruct 'sit'zen', and I had had enough of the meeting, I was able to snap this pic of a chair stacked on the wall.
   Here are the step outs and ta-dah,........... Here is 'Sit'Zen'!!!

You can click on images to enlarge!

This is my original that I had worked on during the meeting.

Please give it a try!
   Have an awesome day!
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bmlilith60 said...

Lovely tangle, can't wait to try it.

MySpecialist said...

That's unreal, Annette! Also can't wait to try it.