Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Weekly Challenge #155
'A Little White Space'
Here's is my updated version of 'a little white space'! From here forward you will be seeing a grey ribbon in all of my tiles.
The grey ribbon represents Brain Cancer Awareness!!! ( I will be telling you about that soon).  

'just the beginning'

White says, "Give me a little space, would ya'?
   For some reason my mind and body have been screaming for 'balance'!!! Since last week I have been kinda feeling a little down and out! Well this week is kinda the same............but, have no fear, I'm doing something about it!!!! Today I went to the gym,....... and........ then I tangled!!
   I actually don't have a hard time leaving white space in my Zentangles or Zias, so I quite enjoyed this challenge! And it did help me to get into the Zen!! Thank You, Laura!!!!  The string I used 'Yin/Yang' made it even easier. Each step I thought about just leaving it , and then I did a little more. I just wasn't sure how much white space I wanted to leave!! Cause, I kinda liked them all. (Can you see my struggle for balance?)
I liked the way this was at this point.

This one I just put a little shading to bring out the complete edge of Yang.

Tangles used: Birds on a Wire, C-Scape, Showgirl, Mooka, Zinger, Tipple and Stippling
Anyway, here's the final outcome!
   I had to add some organic in the corners. (Now that is a challenge for me!! No organic, just grid tangling!!!!! YEEEeeks, that would be a tough Tangle for me to do!!!!)
Anyway, here's the final outcome!
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Weekly Challenge

This was originally my first one, but then I remembered a Zia I made of the sun and moon.  (I guess it's all about balance right now for me)

   Moon and Sun, and day and night, and light and dark,  is my definition of Dual!! (I have to say, I was thinking of a gun fight "DU'e'L when I first saw the word. Then, I realized it was spelled with an 'e'!! See, these Inchies really test your knowledge!!!! :0) ...)
   Anyway, this one was kinda tough to think of!
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