Monday, February 10, 2014


Weekly Challenge #154

   Ok, I have a confession, I am using a Zia that I created last week! :0) I will do one for the challenge too, but I really liked this one and wanted to use it!

Tangles used: Mooka, Jailed Johnny and hugz IN kizzez (My tangle creation, just click on title and it will show you deconstruction of hugz IN kizzez)!

Here is my official Diva's challenge entry!!
I hate to say, but my heart has felt heavy for the last week and I can't seem to shake it! :0( So  I think that is why I can't get enough of hearts right now!!! Subliminally, I think I'm trying to get myself out of this funk!!! Crazy!!!

Hopes for a Loving Valentine's Day for everyone!! 
(A 'True' expression of love is to do something for someone and make them smile.)
Spread some SMILES :0) this week!!!

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Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

   Well, three weeks ago the Inchie word was 'Brown', and I used chocolate to define that word. So today the word is 'Chocolate' and I'm using something 'Brown' to define it!!! (Why can't I just keep things simple,........? I ask myself that all the time... it's just the way my brain works!) Anyway, the first thing I thought of was 'Chocolate Lab'!! One of these days, I would love to own one of these!! It wouldn't  fix that craving of chocolate like a chocolate Kiss, but a chocolate lab could give chocolate hugs!!! Both sound really good right now!!!
I sure hope you get some kind of 'Chocolate' for Valentine's Day!!
And if not,........
(it's the gift that is returnable, with smiles!!)

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Weekly Challenge

   Ok, for the Twinchie Challenge, the word is 'Heart'. I have been drawing so many lately and,... for reasons I can't shake this heavy heart of mine. So, I decided to put a "CABOSH" to that!!! When I was a little girl my dad use to tell a story of The Warm Fuzzies and The Cold Pricklies. Well, he actually had it typed on a paper too. Over the years I have asked him for a copy of the story, but he could not find it. So I decided to look it up on line. Low and behold,............the Internet is marvelous, I found it!!! The Original Warm Fuzzy Story, by Claude Steiner, is sold on paper back! You can believe I bought one!! Anyway, check out the story and let me know what you think!! I just love it and I think it's a great story to tell children and anyone, for that matter, about THE POWER OF LOVE!!!
This is my version of a Warm Fuzzy, squashing out a Cold Prickly!!!
Check out all of the beautiful hearts over at the Twinchie Challenge Blog!!

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