Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey Doodle Doodle......

So, I see on Pinterest, all of these designs.
Call them what you will, doodles, zentangles or what have you!
But to me they are inspirations for quillling!!!!!
(And just saying, it is A LOT of fun!!!!!)

I found this book at JoAnnes Fabrics.  It is a good book to get started and give some basic ideas.

 So............. here is my very first doodle!

I did this with colored pencils. Inside the book I bought.
 With Valentines day coming, I had that in my head and then, I ran with it!
And then, because I had sooo much fun, 
I had to do another.

The inspiration that I used for this one was "Time Flies"! I don't really like the paper I used for this one, but now I know better!!

So this post, is so typical of my personality!
I have passions and tons of things that I want to do, 
and what do I do,..........add one more thing to that list!!!
Hahaha, at least this one I can do wherever.
Just give me a piece of paper and something to write with!!

So now, I challenge you! Especially you quillers. 
Give doodling, zentangling, or what have you,
a try, today!!!
You might come up with an awesome design to quill!