Friday, October 19, 2012

"LOVE" on Canvas

'Another Love'

Don't let the title fool you! (I do not
have 'another love', in my life, my husband is my only love!)  :0)
I have quilled another heart with the word 'love' on it.
I did this one for my sis! 
I actually did it for her for Mother's Day! Since I am
not finished with the project that I'm working on now, I needed
something to put on my post.

The photo below, is actually a clearer photo, but this one shows more of the true colors of the paper I used. Remember that, when taking photos of your work, take some at a side angle so that your colors show more true. (I am still playing with photography of quilling, and learning more all the time)

Again, I used the 'S' coil shape with this piece. I really like how it
shows movement and doesn't necessarily have to fill the shape in all the way, to
give the shape. (I don't know if any of that made sense) Anyway,
I do use that a lot, and now I also use the beehive technique for filling in too.
The Open Flower technique, I learned from purchasing
If you have any questions or comments please, feel free to do so. 
I always love to have feedback.

Go share the LOVE!!!


Sathya said...

Absolutely loved ur creations....

Unknown said...

Hello Sathya, and thank you for following my blog! I am still pretty new at this. But I promise to give it my all!! Thank you, Sathya for following my blog and the nice comment. Those are always appreciated! :0)
I just want to say that I am hoping to add to my blog!! I want to be able to put out some retail quilling, for those who would be interested in purchasing some pieces. So keep in tuned and you never know what might come up!!
I appreciate you!!!
Ciao Bella!!!
Annette :0)