Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Weekly Challenge #219
"Straight Lines, All the Time"

The official sign for our Memorial celebration! (See some Zentangle in there?)

   On Monday, the 25th, we celebrated Memorial Day! For all the soldiers that have lost their lives for our freedom! Also to remember others that have passed from this life. We have an annual get together with my side of the family. We start out at the near by cemetery for a mass and then we visit the gravesides of our loved ones. Afterward, it is time to play at my parent's house. It has been a tradition for fifty some years. My parents have been hosting the party for thirty something years. 
   Unfortunately, this is their last year to host the party. Their home is being bought out by developers, also, just like my sister's house was on the opposing corner from my parents. It was a bitter-sweet on Monday. Among those celebrating the day and the last one, were 105 family members and friends. (mostly all family). My parent's home has always been one with a revolving door!! People coming and going. My mom, always home in the kitchen, feeding whoever happened to stop by. 45 years in one place, it's gonna be a tough move for my parents. My only wish for them is, that they can make a HOME out of the next house they move to.
   Sorry for the lil' blurb of info, it's just I'm still a little sappy from everyone's realization settling in about my parents home.
   On to the Diva's Challenge!!!!
Loved this challenge!! Even though my favorites are organic tangles, I thoroughly got into my Zen with this challenge!
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These were just a few of the body paintings that I did on the kiddos on Memorial Day! I won't tell you how many big kids, (past the age of 50,) got a lil' body or face painting done too!

And here is the last of photo sharing! My lil' girl just finished her first year of school! Preschool is over, next it's KINDERGARTEN!!!!! (Hopefully, mom's gonna have more time to tangle, blog, and Oh, my!!!! The things that I can think of!!!)  :0)

Have a blessed day, and thank you to all who visit my blog and leave rays of sunshine!!!

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MySpecialist said...

That is one amaaaaaaazing ZIA!! Your parents will make a home wherever they go - it's in them, not in the location, you'll see. But, I know, none of that takes away the sadness now. You have a beautiful family and you are beautiful too. Hugs, z

sally said...

Love all the art here this week! Bet you can't wait for kindergarten to start LOL


David Hunter said...

A wonderful Post, Annette. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us. You are so blessed. Your challenge Tile is delightful. Love your design and your pattern selections. I adore your dancing Penguin body art piece. All of them are so creative and everyone who was lucky enough to get one must feel very special.

Tangles and More said...

Great challenge piece. I like the separate but connected tiles. Enjoyed your sharing about your family. Brought back memories from growing up when our family would get together on Sundays. Were not quite as many of us as at yours unless it was an extended family reunion. When got married, a long time ago, when we did invitations for Aunts, Uncles, and first cousins there were about 110.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Your challenge tile is fabulous! Truly...I love how you have disconnected the pieces, but yet they are cohesive in the design! And thanks for telling us about your family celebration for Memorial Day! Your folks live so close now and it will be hard to adjust for you, but they sound like wonderful warm people and will continue to draw their family and friends to their new home too. Change is difficult, but without it we don't grow..thinking of you!

jeanchaneyaz said...

I absolutely loved seeing pictures of you children. So beautiful, like their momma! I can imagine the feelings of loss for you and your folks. But, new memories are right around the corner and the old ones will never be gone. Your tangles are wonderful as well, and I love how you just kept going from one to another! Hugs, my friend!

lilystangles said...

Beautiful tile and lovely body paintings :)

Sue Sharp said...

Beautifully done, and very creative!