Saturday, April 18, 2015


Weekly Challenge #213
'Traced Object Strings'

These were my uses of strings.
   Long-time-no-see everybody!!!! It has been a while, and unfortunately I did not do any catch-up challenges. I'm hoping to catch you up only on, on goings in my life though, in future posts. Some good things some bad, but I will focus on the good! (wink wink).
   I hope all is well with every one of you!!! 
Keeping this post short, because I am already late in getting in the challenge!
   Have a blessed Sunday!!!
I love, love, love the new tangle 'Intwine', by Helena Hadzijaneva! And another one of my faves lately is 'Lolo' by Hsin-Ya Hsu. Oh, yes, and 'Tumbleweed', by Helen Williams. Please go to Tangle Patterns, by Linda Farmer, to see all of these tangles and more!

   So there you have it!!! What a fun challenge Laura!!! Thank you for always keeping us guessing!

Go put some
into this 



Anne's tangle blog said...

Good to see you back here, Annette!!! I do hope the good things prevail.
Anyway, you didn't loose it, because both tiles are more then beautiful.
Take care.

Simone Menzel said...

Both are very nice, but the second one I love most!

DEMen said...

Lovely tiles as always. I am a big fan of Lolo too. Actually, I love all of Hsin-Ya Hsu's patterns!

LezliB said...

Very nice tiles...a paper clip? Really? I think that is wonderful for a string. I love the Intwine that you used so much that I had to go look it up and try it. It's a devil to learn, isn't it? Beautiful work as always. Good to see you back too :)

jenny said...

Nice job! I am inspired!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Your strings are so clever! And so many tangles I have never tried....thank you for the inspiration. Your work is always that way for me. When life slows down...hoping we can connect.