Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Weekly Challenge #214
"Amanda/Earth Day (Round 4)"

   Laura, (The Diva), has a son that has, kind of, renamed the Earth! He refers to it as Amanda!!! Which I think is pretty appropriate, because after all, it is Mother Earth. So a female name fits just perfectly!! :0) Any way, I think it is pretty adorable! ( It is kinda funny how children start a whole new language sometimes, without even trying. You gotta love it!)
   When I was taking my class for accupressure and learned about the balance of 'Chi' in our own beings, I realized that it is the same with our planet. Finding balance is the best way to peace and harmony! But to acquire that balance, isn't always easy. And there you have it, ...........that's called Life!!! Our 'Amanda' is a living thing, so we must help keep balance in it!!! We must do our part to keep our Earth at peace and in harmony!! 

   I incorporated the five elements in accupressure that bring balance to our bodies and what also help keep balance to our Earth; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood and their colors to represent them.
   Whatever your life may be, I hope that you find balance in it!! I thank Zentangle, being a valuable part of that balance!! How do you find balance in your lives?

Go put 
into this

   Oh, I almost forgot, me and my hubby, will be celebrating our 11th Anniversary this Friday!! Wow!!! How time flies!!! 
It's crazy how young we look there, and that was only 11 years ago!!!  Yeeeks!

Have a blessed week everybody!!


Maulvagita's World said...

Beautiful tile and Happy Anniversary. My mom and I spent a summer learning how to quill...glad to see it is not a lost art. :)

Ilse said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your balanced tile: nice composition and great use of colours.

Anne's tangle blog said...

You are so right, balance is what the earth needs. I do like the tile and it's backgroudn with rainbow colors.
Happy anniversary!!!!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Your tile is so true...balance is important for growth. For me I think taking time and meditating/praying (whatever you want to call it) is important to stay in touch with priorities and that for me is relationships.

jeanchaneyaz said...

Happy Anniversary! Your post was well written and I love your vision of a balanced earth.

Simone Menzel said...

This is a very nice earth and beautiful colours around. I loveyour tile!

And: Happy Anniversary!

bmlilith60 said...

Happy Anniversary. The dimension in your tile makes it appear to be embossed, an absolutely beautiful tile.

SuzyMosh said...

Happy Anniversary! Lovely tile with the four elements in balance!

MySpecialist said...

OMG, what a gorgeous wedding photo!! What a beautiful couple! You are sooooooooooooo gorgeous. Happy anniversary and lots of balance to you!

Unknown said...

Wow - I don't know what to say... Your tile is so fantastic, I absolutely love the colours and the chosen pattern and the shading and the highlights. Great work!!!
Happy anniversary :-)

Unknown said...

Great tile, and belated Happy Anniversary.

hungrycorgistudio said...

That is a happy beautifully done earth with tangles! Nice! Sarah