Monday, September 15, 2014


Weekly Challenge #185
DuoTangle-Phicops vs DivaDance

   I thought I would go ahead and do a lil' tribute to Laura and her hubby, B-Rad, for their 10 year Anniversary! Many blessings for many, many more years of friendship and love!!!

Before I added color

   Laura, this was a really fun challenge! I loved putting these two tangles together. Perfect harmony! Like they were meant to be together, just like you and B-Rad!

   I'm trying to be more efficient and get things done and organized here at the home front, so my posts are going to be pretty short for a while. 
   Thank you all for your friendly comments and the smiles you've put on my face by doing so! 
Have an awesome week!!! 
Go put some 
into this 


Weekly Challenge

   Okie Dokie, this is not very original, but I tried!! Since last January, when my daughter received a Guinea Pig for her birthday, I have had a whole other schedule added to the already busy schedule that I have. (One more mouth to feed and body to clean up after.)

   If any of you have ever owned or been around a Guinea Pig long enough, when they want food, they squeal like crazy!! Even when Rhino hears my voice, he will squeals because he knows who feeds him!!! Let me tell you, after a year of this lil' guy being around, I would think twice before owning one of these lil' critters!!!
Meet Rhino!

   Thank you for leaving me a bit of sunshine, last week! Sorry I didn't make it around to everyone's blog. We had a camping trip that took lot's of prep. 
Have a great week and we'll see you next week, as we Inch our way around this one!

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MySpecialist said...

How cute is that inchie! And cuter still is Rhino! I've never been around guinea pigs long enough, unfortunately. Love your artwork too.

Kia said...

Your tribute to Laura and her husband is adorable. I like how you have used the two patterns. I found schedule fairly difficult to come up with anything interesting to draw. Yours is a good idea. So difficult to write in such a small space! Rhino is pretty cute, but seems to be more work than my 2 cats are.

chrissie said...

Beautiful tributre to your friends.

The inchie is terrific and so true. My children had guineau pigs when they were little and I loved them.

Chrissie x

sally said...

I live your inchie about Rhino! I can relate as my grandchildren have one called Oreo and they have a list too, he squeals a lot & in the evenings he gets to lie on my soni in laws chest...Oreo then sets about nibbling Joes whiskers! crazy house!!!!!


Anoeska said...

Wow! Your tile is amazing! Those colors really make it pop!

hesedetang * said...

Hiya! I actually came to check out your tile, but fell in love with your piggie!! Rhino is so cute!! xD

Joya said...

It's no nice to use the Diva-Dance as letters, very nice work!

Didisch said...

How great to make a phicops heart in the red color. Makes a great valentine card.

freebird7100 said...

I think your inchie is very original. What a schedule! One thing I do like about cats and dogs is that you can just pour the food and they eat when they want. I know my daughter always wanted one of those things. I always said no, kinda glad I did now LOL. The rest of your tangles are cute, love the before and after pics. Great to see the process develop! Have a great one

Suzanne Fluhr said...

What a sweet tile for the Diva and her man. Made me smile. :)

bmlilith60 said...

Love the tile and the Little Diva Dance hearts. Rhino is adorable, I had Guinea Pigs growing up. One of my Guinea Pigs would squeal whenever I opened the fridge because he figured out that was the sound he heard when he got lettuce. Sometimes I would open the fridge just to hear him squeal. I do understand your reluctance to own another one, they can be a little messy.

jeanchaneyaz said...

Such a pretty tribute to Laura and b-rad. I love your daughter's piggie. I had many of them over the years and loved each one. One even had very long blond hair and her name was, of course, Alice!Enjoy your schedule because children and their pets grow much too quickly.

lilystangles said...

Beautiful tiles :)

Helen said...


Anne's tangle blog said...

I like this tile!!!

WendyK said...

Great inchie, before I read the story I thought what funny things to feed a rhino with. Love guinea pigs, my kids went through lots of different pets. Love your tangles as well.

David Hunter said...

Wonderful Tiles, Annette, and a beautiful tribute to Laura and her husband. Rhino is awesome.

erblair said...

Such a nice tribute to Laura and her hubby - I love the color. And thank you for your kind words about an older challenge that you left on my blog page!

Unknown said...

What a Nice tribute to Laura and B-Rad. Lovely Zia!

Tangles and More said...

Nice job on the challenge. I like it both with and without the color.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Really wonderful tribute. It is so much fun to see what everyone else has done.

MySpecialist said...

Hi Annette,

Thank you for your comments on my blog. And don't worry, all good - I know how technology can be. This too shall pass and you'll work it out. Like I said to you on my blog, we met purely thanks to technology. So it does have its place :) Oh please check out my latest post, where I'm raving on about winning first prize :D

Omer said...

I looked at the first tile. Beautiful. Then I saw the color version. wow. It came to life.
Amazing what a touch of color can do to "Love" :)