Sunday, November 11, 2012


"Oh, Hawaiian Christmas Tree, 
Oh, Hawaiian Christmas Tree, 
Forever Colorful Your Branches!!!"

This was a fun and different piece for me to do!
I'm not much of a 'tropical, ocean, or beachy, kind of gal,
so this was totally inspired by a good friend of mine!
Jan goes to Hawaii every year!
It is her favorite place to vacation.
She also is a collector of Christmas trees.
And a true Christian!
Therefore, this is my Tropical, Hawaiian Christmas Tree!

As you can see, I first started out with a canvas.
(Now, after the experience I had with this canvas, I know that I must paint my canvases first.
I used chalks to create this picture. But once I had colored it, I realized,
the canvas had invisible glue splotches, or something. They didn't show up until I applied the colors. Bummer!!!! So, I think, I could have avoided this if I had painted it white first!)
I was, basically, looking for background coloring to enhance
my quilling design.

This was an 8x10 canvas. Then I cut silver glittered scrap booking paper to set behind that. And then I used wrapping paper to cover my 11x14 cardboard to go beneath that.

If you look, I have Jesus Christ's name in here.
There is also a Palm Tree in the center.
For decorations (ornaments), I made small Plumaria flowers.
I tried to lay out the colors like a sunset over the ocean waves!
And then to top it off, I put the North star at the very top of the tree.
To represent the star that three Wise Men followed to find baby Jesus!

The shadowbox frame that I used is  11x14.
I then added real shells inside the shadowbox, so that they could move freely
inside the box. I placed the really large shell on the outside of the box.
(I haven't glued it down yet, because I'm not too sure I like it there!) :0/
Anyway, you're input would be much appreciated!

I had to finish this before next month, because the friend I did this
for has a birthday coming up, and I wanted to give it to her then.
I sure hope she likes it!

(I do hope to do something for Thanksgiving! I don't want to rush right into
Christmas, like the rest of the world, and forget Thanksgiving. It is, also,
a very important holiday!)




Sathya said...

LOve the whole project!!!

Patty B said...

Absolutely stunning!