Saturday, September 1, 2012

Circle Punch Flowers

Simple 'Whimsy' Flowers

I used these flowers for many pieces of work that I did years ago, and
now I have resurrected them.
They are simple and dainty, and are good for filling 
in areas big or little. These ones are a little larger than what I  
usually do. I usually use the circle size of a regular hole punch.
I used vellum. (I just 'Love' vellum) I used it a lot more then,
and I think I will be again. It just adds a dainty and soft look 
to whatever you might be working on.

These are some of my favorite tools! My 'most favorite' are the curved tweezers that you see in this pic

As usual, I like to use my cushioned placemat underneath while I do my work.

 Once I have punched out enough circles, I will then put a bend in the centers. Like 
folding them in half, but not completely. This is where my favorite tweezers come
in handy. I just place them right in the center and bend one side up. No fiddling around
with fingers and losing circles. This makes it soooooo quick and easy!
You may want to crease one end of your fold so that it holds better but not to make it such a definite crease all the way across.
Next you will use a circle as your base. Larger circles for the base, allows for more
petals to be added to make your flower. The smaller circle base allows for less petals.
Your first petal will be glued down and then you will glue the others, going in one direction, to where it looks as though you are overlapping them. And you might, depending on how many petals you are gluing on.

This is using a little larger circle for petals and one size smaller for base. Apply a little glue and then place the petal.
You now have a flower!
Different sizes and different amount of petals.
Sorry, my lighting was not good for this picture!
Next, I like to add a little bling in the centers. Here, I have tiny silver beads and really tiny
glass balls, called ballentine. You really can do whatever, to give your flowers a little
added pizzazz, or leave them sweet and simple!

I used a soft peach vellum and I also used white.

Here is the completed flower! They are sooo much fun and you can do so 
much with them. And again you can use just a regular hole punch so you don't 
have to go buy anything fancy!
(I added these to a project that I had started about 2 months ago! EEEEeeeks!
But have not had enough time to finish. Yet! It is a work in progress
and I will share it with you when it's complete! )
I am so short of creative time lately. Kids back in school, working part time, and 
then all the regular mommy and wife things to do, I don't have
too much time to be creative. And when I do, I have to decide.
do I quill, do I blog, do I Pinterest, or do I catch up on sleep!
I'm sure most of you moms can totally relate!
I'm not complaining, ........oh,......... okay maybe a little!
But I know that I am truly blessed,
so I'll take what I can get!

Please, if you make some of these whimsy little flowers, I would love
to see what you come up with.
So do share and tell!


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