Saturday, June 9, 2012

My beginnings

   These are just a few of my first projects I did, when I first started quilling.  Most of them were done about 12 or so years ago. I loved to combine quilling with the egg art that my mother and I do.

These are photo albums that I quilled and gave as gifts.

    Eight years ago I started making snowflakes at Christmas, to give as gifts, to family members. (I always have to tell myself to start in Sept. to be able to get them all done.) I first started by using the designs I bought from Lake City Craft Co. (the snowflake kit, designs by Malinda). Then I started having fun making my own patterns! I like to add some 'bling' to them too, (sequence, beads, glitter and/or rhinestones). Even though I make one for everybody else, I keep one for myself, every year! :0)
(This, I call, my "Holiday Tree" and every holiday throughout the year, my kids decorate it! It's something for them to look forward to, and plus it helps teach them the months, seasons and holidays in the year!)

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